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Regional trainer MENA Emerald Publishing

Speaker 22

Mahynour Okda

Mahynour is currently a regional trainer for the MENA region at Emerald publishing. With a back ground in logistics and education for the past 2 years she shifted her career totally into a specific type of training. Her role is all about Enhancing the skills for the researchers community, Engage authors, librarians and students to get the best out of the electronic educational resources. Going from one city to another and one university to another she is changing the education mentality from paper based resource to E-resources. 

Increasing usage, creating awareness, promoting and branding Emerald publishing. As one of the main publisher at the Egyptian knowledge bank and their vision for a community that develops, learn and create. 

Her slogan in life is " the change you want to see" she started with herself with a huge will and determination

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