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Chairman of the board of directors ElMasria For Cars

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Mohamed Rayan

Eng. Rayan is one of the most prominent public figures in the automotive sector in Egypt, Coming at the head of his institution “El Masria for Cars” as a Chairman of the board of directors, Eng. Rayan leads his ambitious team amidst a high competitive conditions aiming to maintain his leadership position in the Egyptian Automotive Market… Eng. Rayan also has obtained many degrees in Computer Engineering with a degree of excellence; this is in addition to obtaining many specialized certificates in General Management, Quality Management & Marketing. • During his career, Eng. Rayan received many tributes and awards from the world’s largest automobile manufacturers in many countries; where he was honored by General Motors of America, Renault France, Subaru of Japan and Brilliance Automotive of China as one of the largest & best distributor of these brands in Egypt. • Eng. Shady is still leading his skilled team relying on his accumulated experience in managing automotive institutions in Egypt.

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