Uncover is a summit hosted by media gate studios, to Uncover the new talents and creators to interested brands and entrepreneurs, and for the first time in the middle east one place will gather talents and brands from all over the middle east to connect and interact with each other.

The Greek Campus, 171 Tahrir St., Bab El Louk Abdeen Cairo, Egypt, Friday, 21st of June, 2019 From 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM

We aim to be the focal Hub of ambitious talents and creators in the Middle East to be connected to the brands and advertisers whom will provide them with partnership leading them to the mountain top of greatness.

There is a wide range of brands and agencies experts that will be part of the event to talk about the industry and see where it is going.

1-influencers marketing

2-digital production

3-gaming and development

4- Digital assets management

5-audio content

6- Monetization

@UNCOVER, Aimed to conjoin the creative and the talented from all around Africa and the Middle East, at a single hub filled with intellectual workshops, interactive programs, entertainment programs, and insightful utterances. It is a perfect chance for creators and talents to shine.

@UNCOVER we will gather all the digital media industry experts, influencers and the successful brands that are taking over the field of digital industry to uncover the hidden gems that are taking over the market. Whatever what you’re branding about you’ll find the diversity you’re looking for and the perfect spot to brand for yourself among the leads of the industry

@UNCOVER  you will get exposed to the biggest and largest audience of talents and see, connect with real creation and creators that will help you keep up with the trends and everything new with marketing industry and digital marketing that benefits every field nowadays, with UNCOVER you’re always a winner. 

Fresh Talents

Micro Influencers

Middle Influencers

 Macro Influencers

 Mega Influencers

 Super Talents



1. Nigeria
2. Ghana
3. Kenya
4. Tanzania
5. Ethiopia
6. Zambia
7. Malawi
8. Zimbabwe
9. .Rwanda
10. Botswana
11. Lesotho

Uncover connects creators and talents from Africa and the Middle East with their most relevant business brands through interactive programs, activities, workshops, and much more. Uncover 19 portfolio includes informative sessions, networking opportunities, a talent show, and a group of people with the same energy as yours.

You can participate as an attendee and get a ticket from [LINK] - You can get your invitation as one of our selected talents and creators - You can get your own booth in the Expo arena for talents and creators

Talent EXPO arena is our stage for the gifted, to let talents and creators showcase their beauty in front of real audience to encourage them, the talent arena is a part of a growing community which can be actors, singers, gamers, entrepreneurs,tech..etc.

To participate: 1-Register for a place

2-Add your Service info and fill the application form

3-Receive an acceptance email with all details

Of course not, talents will need audience to support and great viewers to witness the magic.

No, our talent revealing is all day welcoming every talent of our UNCOVER family

It’s the core of the event where you will climb the stair of success by and in the same time enjoy every entertaining moment in it, it includes : Keynotes, Panel Discussions, Inspirational Talks, Entertainment Programs (Stand Up Comedy Show, Drum circle ,Tanora Competition,Estemara 6 Concert, Mahmoud El Lithy Concert )

Networking panel is the heart of the event as here you contact with brands directly and easily show your creations and have immediate feedback.

1-Brands Managers

2-Uncover Speakers and Instructors.

3-Founders and CEOs

4-Marketing Managers

5-Influencer Marketing Professionals

6-Digital Marketing Professionals

7-Talents and creators

1-Meeting Experts of the industry

2-Know all the hacks you want to know

3-Know what you should do and want you shouldn’t

4-Know about the requirements you need

5-Know about the new media edge

6-How to market your content

1-Sign Up on our Website

2-Buy your ticket

3-Check our Speakers Dashboard

4-Connect with the one you'd like to meet

5-Receive an acceptance email including the exact time.

1- Digital Content Workshop

2- Gaming Content by Reviewers and Developers

3- Production Management

4- Influencer Journey from Micro to Mega

1. How to monetize from your content

2. Latest Trends in the Digital Media Industry

3. Future of the Digital content distribution


 1. How to monetize from your game

2. How to create your own company for games

3. Game Development Management and Teamwork

1. Cinematography Keys

2. Editing Hacks

3. Principles of Directing

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