Expo Arena


If you’re an influencer, YouTuber, Creator or have any talent and consider yourself as a social media expert, here is your place to gather around and get inspired by the most creative amount of talents of your same industry! @UNCOVER’19 Expo Arena you’ll find the biggest gathering for talents and creators. We give them the hub to showcase their abilities and talents to the world with the attendance of the most professional experts who represents their industry. If you’re one of these inspirational talents and creators then TAKE YOUR SPOT! Choose your industry and get your batch around and show your work.


The Creative Batch

  1. Creator on the space
  2.  Bloggers and Vloggers
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Photographers
  5. Musicians
  6. Actors and actresses
  7. Beauty & Fashion
  8. Gamers
  9.  Tech
  10.  Cooking
  11.  Health

Take Your Spot

  1. Register for a place
  2. Add your Service info and fill the application form
  3. Receive an acceptance email with all details
Creator in the space
Creator in the space

Let people know how talented and skilled you are.
Show us your creations and join our expo


Sharing the everyday detail is the essential of your caree , and we give you the chance to reach more people.
Share your lifestyle with us and join our expo.


Make your Business ahead on the Digital world & specify your catogery .


Influencers and special photographers .


Talented musical instrument composes, conduct & perform special music.

Actors and actresses

Unravel your hidden talent and let people witness it. It’s your chance to shine.
Share your talent with us and join our expo.

Beauty & Fashion

For all models, makeup artists, and fashion experts let everyone see your amazing talent and beauty.
Share your talent and creations and join our expo


We are always up for playing new games, show people your creations and let everyone have fun.
Share your work with us and join our expo.


Let’s get together to reminisce the old times and talk about the future.
Share your ideas and join our expo.


If you're a happy person around food, then sure you are an amazing chef.
Share your passion and your amazing creations with us and join our expo.


Get energizing workout moves, advices on losing weight and reshape your body with healthy recipes.