Entry Guide

UNCOVER is a unique summit organized by Media Gate community that is determined to support all types of unique talents and creators to give them the chance to get inspired and get the best out of their talents by participating in the summit and knowing all the keys to get over the challenges they’re going to meet. UNCOVER is a must-attend summit for marketing professionals responsible for company’s marketing strategy, brand managers, Influencer Marketing Professionals, PR & Communication professionals and digital marketing professionals. @UNCOVER you will be an integral part of an ecosystem where the experts get to share experiences and show support.

Overview for Talents and Creators

UNCOVER is the focal hub for all the talents and creators who are keen to reach new levels of success and profits. @UNCOVER we understand the importance of conveyance in the 21st century and this is our heart and inspiration. Aimed to conjoin the creative and the talented from all around Africa and the Middle East, at a single hub filled with intellectual workshops, interactive programs, entertainment programs, and insightful utterances. It is a perfect chance for creators and talents to shine.

Overview for Brands and Advertising

@UNCOVER we will gather all the digital media industry experts, influencers and the successful brands that are taking over the field of digital industry to uncover the hidden gems that are taking over the market. Whatever what you’re branding about you’ll find the diversity you’re looking for and the perfect spot to brand for yourself among the leads of the industry. The event is overflowing with amazing content including brands case studies, latest perspective on marketing trends, and the most talented entrepreneurs.

Why You should Participate?

If you’re a Creator, Influencer, Talent, a brand expert, or an agency and digital then Uncover Summit is created for you! Uncover connects creators and talents from Africa and the Middle East with their most relevant business brands through interactive programs, activities, workshops, and much more. Uncover'19 portfolio includes informative sessions, networking opportunities, talent show, and a group of people with the same energy as yours.

Talents and Creators

  • Fresh Talents 
  • Micro Influencers 
  • Middle Influencers
  •  Macro Influencers
  •  Mega Influencers
  •  Super Talents
  •  Freelancers
  •  Handicapped

Level of Experties

  • Founders and CEOs
  •  Executive Management
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  •  Influencer Marketing Professional
  • Digital Marketing Professional
  • PR & Communication Professional

Countries will participate


  1.  Nigeria
  2.  Ghana
  3.  Kenya
  4.  Tanzania
  5.  Ethiopia
  6.  Zambia
  7.  Malawi
  8.  Zimbabwe
  9. Rwanda
  10. Botswana
  11.  Lesotho
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