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In a fast-paced world full of multi-talents and creators we hold our summit to UNCOVER these hidden gems to the capable hands of keen entrepreneurs and professional brands. Connecting parties from all over Africa and the Middle East throughout the gathering to address their needs and build a strong groundwork via our hub #UNCOVER'19


The Greek Campus, 171 Tahrir St., Bab El Louk Abde...


Friday, 21st of June, 2019 From 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM



Influencers Marketing

It is Influencers Era; Influencers Marketing is changing and developing itself to keep up with latest trends to suit people’s interests that change daily. So as influencers have many challenges, they need to solve them to become more influential and have bigger impact on larger scale of people. Here we would cover all aspects of the influencers marketing by knowing the hacks and creating the right strategy that would make it easier for influencers to grow.


Digital Production

As we see that everything around us is going digital, and as people now consume with their eyes and ears more than any other way of communication it gave the digital content much more importance than ever. So that in The Media Production is developing and changing every day which makes it faces a lot of challenges to get the best out of it let us see whether you’re a talent, creator, Influencer or a brand how can you use the right tools for your own project.


Gaming and Development

The gaming industry is growing up these days with targeting the adults alongside with the young people by engaging with the audience and knowing their needs more making it easier for the industry to grow, if you’re a creative person who is passionate about technology this workshop is for you those who are willing to employ this passion to be part of the gaming industry with knowing more about its content, skills and its audience.


Digital Assets Management

As the everyday consume and interact with visual and audio content made it harder to follow up the marketers social media platforms need to use the digital assets to reach the right audience and to amplify it to use their marketing strategies to reach specific targeted audiences with their campaign and following up with their tracks.We would discuss the right tools and strategy and most important how to track all your product components


Audio Content

We can see the competition that is taking place between the leading companies to get out the best audio content with their marketing campaigns that has become a very attractive way to engage with people lately by using audio content to transfer the message of the marketing campaign.Let us know What are the challenge that is facing this industry and see what type of music attracts their attention to make it easier to engage with them to listen to your message.



Who doesn't love making money? At Uncover you’ll learn how to grow money out of your talent, game, project and whatever you’re interested in creating by learning all the ways of changing your talent into money by the new methods. You'll listen to the guidelines from the experts of the industry about the right tools, the right strategies, the new ways of monetizing and how to take advantage of what you love and gain money from it.


Our Event program will be provided with different talks and panel’s to shed some light on important industry gems talking about different digital industry topics with the experts of the industry.

Abdallah Ghalosh

Journalist and technical critic

Aliaa Ahmed Shafie

QA Lead at PayTabs

Amira Mahrous

General Manager Free Music & Free Tv

Bassem Henri

The CEO & Founder of HENRI'S GROUP

Dalia Emam

Area Brand Manager

Dr. Nourhan Kandil

INFLUENCER & CEO and Owner of Clinic (The Lifestyle Station)

Hisham El Aramouny

Content, Artist Marketing & Industry Relations Director - MENA, Deezer

Hisham El Seddik

CEO Porcellan Co. LLC

Joana Jamil

Partnerships Manager MENA at Twitter

Khaled Gamal

GM and Board Member at Qanawat

Maged Tadrous

CEO Media Gate Studios

Mahynour Okda

Regional trainer MENA Emerald Publishing

Marwa Turk

Filmmaker&video editor and General manger at Arsem dahka NGO

Mohamed Gaber

Business Developer Manager at Mazzika Group

Mohamed Hegazy

Mohamed Hegazy, Head of regulations and laws committee in (MCIT) Director of Intellectual Property Rights Office in (ITIDA)

Mohamed Rahim

Hit Maker & Music Composer

Mohamed Rayan

Chairman of the board of directors ElMasria For Cars

Mohammed Omar

Business Director at eserve

Mohsen Gaber

Chairman of Mazzika Group

Nahla Mahrous

Marketing Manager at AI-Earning

Nasr Mahrous

Chairman of Free Music

Nevine Bannouna

Marketing Manager

Ossama Kamal

Founder and Chairman of Mercury Communications

Rania Wasfy


Sahar Salama

CEO and Founder of TPAY MOBILE

Seif Zahran

Content Creator

Zeina Zahra

Digital Marketing Specialist/ Fashion Stylist

Akram E. Farag

CEO Eya.life

Amira Nayef


Assem Elmansi

CTO and Co-Founder of Genesis VR.

Ayman Nour Eldin

operation & editorial manager at 20Hashtags

Bassem William

CEO Genesis VR

Dalia Abo Omar

Managing Director for Adzily Digital Agency 

Father Peter Daniel

Director of the Egyptian Catholic Film Center

Hashem El Garhy

Founder and CEO of Al Hezb El Comedy

Lamys Ayyad

Make Up Artist

Marwa Turk

Filmmaker&video editor & General manger at Arsem dahka NGO

Mohamed Dakhly

Virtual Artist

Mohamed Eltayeb

Senior Content Acquisition Specialist at ADM

Wissam And Shehab

Founders of PandaandBear

Akram E. Farag

CEO Eya.life

Ashraf Tawakkol

Chief Design Officer & CEO, FortyNine

Event Schedule

You can expect a day full to the brim with creativity and innovation and don’t think we forgot about the leisure time! Expect a side of live entertainment, talent shows, celebrities, and more. You know what they say, strong foundations last longer. So just to be safe, cancel all your plans!


Rise and shine to discover your passion through out our multi-talented community. The only perquisite is showing up early and full of excitement

Opening Ceremony

Trends Shaping Influencers Market

Let us introduce the different trends that are shaping the market of influencers nowadays

Managing Your Digital Assets

Let us discuss how useful is managing your digital assets for business

Pray Time

Creativity in Directing

Directing is not just about getting the best shot it's about delivering the message in the most creative ways

Twitter In Stream Video Ads

Let us know how Creators can benefit from Twitter Streaming and get the best our of social media platfroms

Stand Up Comedy

We thought we would start our day on a lighter note and spread some laughs with some stand up comedy.

New Generation Copyrights and IPM

Listen to the best tips for how to protect your content and what you should avoid

Break (Tanora Digital Competition)

Panel Discussions: How Brands use Marketing Professional Engage with Audience

How brands use visual content and digital marketing by the latest trends to engage with audience 

Drum Circle

Panel Discussion:The role of Audio Content in products marketing

Here we would discuss the audio content in marketing and how it developed throughout the past years

Panel Discussion: Monetizing from your talent

Let us discuss how to get the best out of your talent and the most import how to make money out of it.


Inspirational Talks

Get the inspire to start and listen to our inspirational talks from those who reached success by telling their stories to lead youth to take the risk

Awards Ceremony

Winners,Winners!! It's time to reveal the sheets of the best on the platforms!

Estemara 6 Concert

Match Screening

How to monetize from your game?

How to create your own company for games?

Game Development Management and Teamwork

Writing for Digital Content

Latest Trends in Digital Media industry

Future of Digital Content Distribution

Best Practices for Acting

Public Speaking

Art and Humanity

Mobile Photography

Final Retouch

Editing Hacks

Makeup for Influencers


The Greek Campus, 171 Tahrir St., Bab El Louk Abdeen, Cairo, Egypt


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